Highlights for Fall Travel

Fall Travel was beyond amazing this year and I cannot possibly begin to list everything that was great, but I do have a few highlights!  Enjoy!

  • Cupcake shops scattered all throughout Florida!  I love cupcakes!100_1341
  • Elon’s Football team and their undefeated record in the SOCON!
  • Elon University’s Phi Beta Kappa Chapter (Eta of North Carolina).
  • The weekend of October 16th with the Sunshine Invitational Fair and the Miami Invitational Fair…these programs are top-notch and students who attend these fairs are always so prepared!  There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes in to these fantastic fairs!  Thank you for allowing Elon to come every year!
  • Again meeting with students and their families individually makes my list of highlights!  I appreciate you all taking the time out of your busy schedules to sit down with me and express your interest for Elon University!
  • Flying home for Open House (which just happened to be Halloween Weekend)!
  • The fabulous beaches of Florida!100_1477
  • I became a Diamond Hilton Honors member and a Gold Elite Marriott Rewards member!  If you don’t understand what all of this means, just know that you have to travel A LOT to reach either status! : )
  • Driving back to NC! : )  The leaves on the trees are so beautiful in the Fall!
  • Of course meeting hundreds of WONDERFUL students!  I’m looking forward to reading all of your applications and I’m hoping that if I haven’t met you personally yet, that one day I will see you on campus and have the opportunity to meet you!

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