Upcoming Events at Elon!

Spring Break will be here soon enough and if you want to pass up on the usual beach vacation, then consider visiting Elon for one of our upcoming events!

NC Student Day – February 6th

During this particular event, North Carolina students have an opportunity to participate in a mock Global Experience course. There is also an opportunity to engage with panel discussions, receive admissions and financial planning information, and enjoy lunch with the Admissions staff and other NC students.

Phoenix Friday – February 12th, February 26th, April 9th, April 16th

 Phoenix Fridays are day-long events where students have the opportunity to sit in on a class, tour campus, and eat with current Elon students. These events are for accepted high school seniors.

Fellows & Scholarship Weekend – March 5th

The Fellows & Scholarship Weekend is for accepted students and is invite only. While, this weekend can serve as an abbreviated Orientation weekend, students will also interview with Department chairs and attend banquets for the appropriate programs.

Spring Orientation – March 12th- 13th and April 23rd – 24th

 Orientation weekends are open to admitted deposit-paid high school seniors. Students will receive information about residence halls, take Phoenix I.D. card photos, meet with an advisor and begin to register for classes, complete a computer-based Foreign Language Assessment, meet other admitted and enrolled students, and many other options. This is a two-day event and requires registration (online or on-site).

NC Junior Scholars Dinner – April 10th

This is a dinner to recognize North Carolina students who have made significant impacts in their communities as well as maintaining high academic achievement and involvement.

Multicultural Experience Weekend – April 10th

An event open to anyone interested in exploring diversity at Elon. This weekend is an opportunity for students to pair up with a currently enrolled student and spend 24 hours on Elon’s campus (overnight stay). Special programs include attending class, eating on campus, meeting other prospective students, attending a dance and step show, going to a poetry reading and many other options while on campus.

Spring Open House – April 10th

Open House is an opportunity for prospective students to check out the campus. Just like during regular campus visits, there are tours as well as special panels such as Exploring Majors, Study Abroad and Internships. Students have the opportunity to meet with current student and professors as well as Admissions guides and staff. This event is open to anyone, but high school Juniors are highly encouraged to attend.


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